Hints for Speakers

  • Please bring your presentation (preferably as pdf file) on a USB stick.
  • Please upload your talk on the computer in due time before the start of the corresponding session. Students will assist you.
  • We recommend using the conference computer. Laser pointers will be available.
  • In case you want to use your own laptop, please inform the student assistant in the corresponding conference room and test the connection and configurations in due time before the session.
  • Please allocate 25 min for your presentation and reserve 5 min for discussion.

Hints for Chair Persons

  • Please be in the session room in due time before the start of the session and check the presence of all presenters.
  • Please check whether all presenters have uploaded their talks on the conference computer.
  • Please be strict in the time schedule:
    • Each slot is 30 min. Allocate 25 min for presentations and 5 min for discussions.
    • Signal speakers before they run out of time.
    • Close the session on time to have sufficient time for coffee breaks.

Hints for Poster Sessions

  • The maximum size of the poster should not exceed 1000mm x 2000mm. Therefor, we recommend the size DIN A1 (or DIN A0 in portrait format).
  • Please attach your poster in the course of Friday morning (there will be adhesive tapes available) or deliver your poster to the registration desk. Our assistants will put it up in due time before the poster session.